Stichting Nest! - Nest! Foundation

Grassroots Knowledge and Community Building 


The Nest! Foundation has the objective of compiling grassroots knowledge on community building, stimulating the recognition of grassroots knowledge and making it transferable.This website primarily shows the content of the study "Not the Chicken, not the Egg, but the Nest!". This study gave rise to the idea of protecting this and similar know how. This is why in 2003 Nest! foundation was first registered. Financial and administrative information about the foundation can be found below in the section Who we are.

Much valuable information about grassroots knowledge on community building can be found on the download section of the website of our first chair, Monika Jaeckel. This site has been made by Nest! board member Tim Rease.

In order to realize our objectives, the Nest! foundation raises funds to organize programs, projects and activities to make grassroots knowledge accessible. Over the past years this have been mainly projects in the Grundtvig Life Long Learning program for Adult Education.GWIA
As such the Nest! Foundation harbours the coordination point and archives of the GWIA. Recent publications on the field of the Grassroots Women's International Academy (or GWIA) are the GWIA handbook and the GWIA website.

To reach our objectives we network with like minded organizations, in particular of the Mother Center movement.

Who we areNest!

The Nest! foundation is registered on Lindengracht 95, 1015KD Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We can be contacted by phone or fax on +31204279033 or by email on stichting.nest or You can write us for a copy of our policy plan or any information on our activities.

Our board consists of the following six dedicated persons:

Chair Senay Akdemir
Secretary Jacqueline van Loon
Treasurer Marieke van Geldermalsen-Jaeckel
Members Eduard van Vloten, Liesbeth Rooders-van Geldermalsen, Tim Rease

Nest! is inscribed at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under nr 09138244.

How we get and use money

The Nest! foundation has two primary sources of income: donations and subsidies. Nest! has ANBI status and tax deductible donations can be made to bank account IBAN: NL93 INGB 0009 6994 13  BIC: INGBNL2A. Over the past five years we have been receiving about three thousand euro per year in donations. Please contact us to discuss how your donation can be used to support a cause of your choice inside our field of work.

In 2007 the Nest! foundation received an award from the Municipality of Dubai, a large part of which we try to keep as the base capital reserve of the foundation. At the start of 2013 this base capital was 18.794.

All subsidies we have received over the years were from the Grundtvig programme for Life Long Learning. We participated in 5 Learning Partnerships and organised two Grundtvig Workshops. Project activities have in some instances generated income (mainly conference fees), that were balanced by expenditures in the same project.

In addition to these subsidized activities we are proud to have been able to contribute to our objectives with a total of almost 32.000. This money has been used to support networking and knowledge exchange inside of the Mother Center movement. We supported especially the international network mine and the Polish Mother Centers and gave smaller donations to Mother Center work in Nepal and Hungary.

Our overhead has been very low -around three percent- because we rely on voluntary work by board members. In 2011 this was more because we gave an average of 467 per person as compensation to board members for their expenses and the voluntary work they put in. We discontinued this practice, because 96% ( 450 per person) of this came back in the form of donations. In general it can be said that more work is being done by the Nest! foundation than the numbers show and whatever funds we have, we use wisely. The overview below gives the details, rounded off to one Euro.