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Nesting Communities


I Building Communities

1 A birds Eye view of the Nest

II Towards respectful Collaboration – Introducing a new Player into Urban Development

2 Answers to changing Urban Environments

3 Pioneers Motivations

4 Communities as Learning Organizations
    – The Neighborhood Academy

5 The Nest! Development Plan


III The Nest! Approach: Good Neighbor- hoods are not designed - they grow

The Physical

6 The Temporary Settlement

The Economical

7 The Local Economy

8 Privately Commissioned Housing

The Social

9 The Mother Center

10 The International Garden

11 The Neighborhood Study

The Legal

12 Finding Space for Innovation


13 Case Scenarios -4 Examples

14 Results and Recommendations

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This study was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of VROM, that provides subsidies for innovative projects in urban renewal, and was contracted by the Mother Centers International Network (mine) drawing from its extensive experiences in the area of self help and civic involvement