Chapter 14:        Results and Recommendations

Although the Nest! idea has been developed as a specified case study aligned to the municipality of Arnhem in the Netherlands, the implications involved are much broader. In this chapter we spell out what processes are stimulated by the Nest!, what benefits arise and what recommendations can be derived. The Nest! relates to key areas of policy making, including new approaches to governance, migration policies, urban planning as well as social and economic development.

Processes stimulated by the Nest! include making cities family friendly, empowering women and integrating generations.


Frequently asked questions

In this chapter we answer frequently asked questions regarding the Nest! including:

*         What happens to the inhabitants when the temporary settlement is dissolved?

*         Does the temporary settlement have an ideology?

*         What stays in the neighborhood, after the temporary settlement is gone?

And we assemble recommendations for enabling policies on municipal level.


Finally the steps toward implementation of the Nest! are summarized on the level of the initiation phase as well as on the level of transferability to other locations


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