Nest! foundation

background information

This section has information about the objectives and administration of the Nest! foundation. Who we are, what we do, why and how


The Nest! Foundation has the objective of compiling grassroots knowledge on community building, stimulating the recognition of grassroots knowledge and making it transferable.

How it all started in 2003

On the download section of this website you can find ┬áthe study “Not the Chicken, not the Egg, but the Nest!” This study gave rise to the idea of protecting this and similar know how. This is why in 2003 Nest! foundation was first registered. Financial and administrative information about the foundation can be found in the section Who we are, as well as at the homepage (in Dutch)

Much valuable information about grassroots knowledge on community building can be found on the download section of the website of our first chair, Monika Jaeckel . This site has been made by former board member Tim Rease.

In order to realize our objectives, the Nest! foundation raises funds to organize programs, projects and activities to make grassroots knowledge accessible. In the past this have been mainly projects in the Grundtvig Life Long Learning program for Adult Education, which is now Erasmus+. As such the Nest! Foundation harbours the coordination point and archives of the GWIA