Who we are

The Nest! foundation is registered on Lindengracht 95, 1015KD Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We can be contacted by phone or fax on +31 20 42 79 033 or by email on stichting.nest @ xs4all.nl or nest.foundation @ xs4all.nl. You can write us for a copy of our policy plan or any information on our activities.

Our board consists of the following six dedicated persons:
Chair         Şenay Akdemir,
Secretary  Jacqueline van Loon
Treasurer  Marieke van Geldermalsen-Jaeckel
Members   Eduard van Vloten, Liesbeth Rooders, Marianne Wesselink

Nest! is inscribed at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under nr 09138244 and with the Tax department under RSIN number 8150.22.827.